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All new blogs, who have now started to get enough traffic go about looking for various way to monetize their blog, one option that they have is adding plugins.

There are several different Plugins that will help you add ads, wishlists, current reading lists, and other Amazon ad types to your WordPress blog.

The Plugin that does it all is known as Amazon Media Manager WordPress Plugin. The Amazon Media Manager allows you to select books, music, and products from within your WordPress Administration Panels and easily add them to your WordPress blog in a plenty of different ways.

Now Reading WordPress Plugin will let you add different kinds of data from and allows you to add a “review” or commentary about the book or product.

WP-Amazon WordPress Plugin lets you to search Amazon as you write your post and embed the Amazon information directly into your blog post or Page. This is pretty contextual and has more chances of doing well.

Last Amazon Review WordPress Plugin depicts your most recent review on, helping you to promote any book or a product.

Amazon Wishlist WordPress Plugin lets you put your wishlist embedded on your WordPress blog. WordPress Plugins

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  1. Steve

    Very nice list of Amazon plugins, I’d appreciate if you could add mine as well. It’s pretty simple and adds products/descriptions into any wordpress blog by using a special tag containing the ASIN somewhere in a post.

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