Best & Free 4 Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress

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Are you gearing up to earn from your web blog? Are you writing product reviews & would like income by doing just that? Amazon associates allows you to do this. There are various plugins available out there..both free & premium to integrate the product links on your blog pages that are related to your blog posts.

People make up minds about buying products online in various different ways, some read social networks, remarks etc. but the most reliable way a product is picked is by reading about it in blogs that give genuine product reviews. People who introduce goods, services, etc. can promote their affiliate links in content blog, sidebar etc.

These FREE Amazon plugins let you do just that:

Amazon Reloaded

This plugin can be said to be a friend of the posting author because of its ability to search Amazon product from WordPress dashboard and grab text links or pictures that will be inserted in the post area quickly. Besides, the optional link text will be included in the display setting which can contain individual affiliate tag.

Although this plugin is free, its ability cannot be underestimated because it allows you to search Amazon’s product database directly from the “Edit Post” page. Plus, a local administrator can choose Amazon blogs that they want to use from a variety of large countries like the UK, the United States, Japan, France, Germany, and Canada.

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Amazon Link

This Simple to use plugin is used to quickly add Amazon products to your all of your WordPress blog posts and pages. The products can be simple text links, thumbnail images, fullsize images, complex templates or full-blown Amazon flash widgets as per your selection.

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WP Amazon Carousel

Very effective & reliable, this plugin is based on Amazon Associates widget carousel, this plugin displays the best-selling products from specified categories or keywords. This plugin works by using the shortcode to insert the widget carousel throughout your post or in your sidebar widget. So, you can find categories or keywords that have been programmed by the shortcode which is adjusted by the widget to the content.

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Amazon Simple Admin

As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to integrate Amazon products into your WordPress page. Simply by relying on the template feature, you can present a product with a different style on different pages.

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RogerBBest & Free 4 Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress

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