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Give your blog a more pro look by adding various different posts featured on your blog home, by adding related posts to your blog post and so much, such features ensure more readership, and also your readers tend to spend more time on your blog. These cool functionalities are simple to deploy, there are few useful. We often use these to create professional blog designs for our clients. Try them out

WP-Sticky WordPress Plug-in : This plug-in adds a sticky post that you would like to feature on your WordPress blog where you can choose to “stick” certain posts to stay always at the top of your blog.

Daily Top 10 Posts : This plug-in on the basis of number of pageviews per blog post for a day sorts the top posts in that day and provides options to display them with sidebar widgets. You can also display sidebar widgets containing a list of the most popular posts for the day and most popular posts overall.

WP Homepage Excerpt: You would like to feature plenty of your scripts on homepage and If your blog uses full posts on the homepage, it makes them search engine friendly. This is a great plugin to either keep both full posts or excerpts on the homepage.

Related Posts Plugin- This is a MUST use plugin on your blog, WordPress Related Posts Plug-in will generate a related posts area using your provided WordPress tags, and add the related posts to feed all dynamically!

AditiPost related Plug-ins for WordPress

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