AddInto Social Bookmarking plugin for WordPress & Blogger

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We talked about the WordPress Social Bookmarking plugins some time back and we bumped into another such plugin which has been launched with some preparation. AddInto is the latest plugin which has manged to garner our attention for its clean and sleek looks and being more than just a WordPress plugin.

AddInto comes with bookmarklets which would be supported across all major web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari including Google Chrome. It can also be integrated with Google toolbar.


The button of AddInto is not excatly as good looking as some of its peers but it would be a worthy competitor. The users who are on the Blogger can have the AddInto love as well.

The French folks who rely on French traffic would particularly like this plugin as it suports majority of French socila networks.

MattAddInto Social Bookmarking plugin for WordPress & Blogger

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