The Top 10 WordPress RSS Plugins

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Better Feed: Better feed is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to embellish your feeds with several highly customizable features. You can add “Read More” link, Copyright notice, number of comments, “Add to delicious” link and even incoming links in Google. Better Feed improves connectivity between your feed and your site.

Feed Styler: This plugin lets you edit your feeds and you can have your feeds look different from your posts. You can completely stylize your feeds with this plugin. This plugin though requires you to have decent knowledge of CSS though.

RSS Footer: RSS Footer plugin for WordPress makes it easy to add a line of content to the beginning or the end of all the articles in your feeds, for instance to display a link back to your blog. It also comes with a check box that you simply need to tick if you want a link back to the original article. This is a really simple plugin to use and very effective.

Feed Wrangler: Feed Wrangler is a simple plugin that allows anyone to create custom feeds for their WordPress blog. Feed Wrangler lets you inserts ads in your feed and you can also make some feeds to bypass Feedburner redirect while letting users still subscribe to the Feedburner version.

RSSuppement: RSSupplement is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add “supplements” to feed from your blog. The supplements could be links, the author of the entry, the category of post, a link to your blog so that readers can come to comments on it. It also supports Sociable buttons if you are already using it.

Simple Feed Copyright: Simple Feed Copyright plugin adds a copyright notice at the end of full text articles in your feed. It discourages content theft and prevents feed scrapping sites from republishing your copyrighted content. This plugin inserts a simple copyright notice, and the link will pingback when the feed is republished elsewhere.

RSS Includes Pages: It modifies RSS feeds so that they include pages as well and not just posts.

FD Feedburner Plugin: This plugin redirects the main feed and the comments feed to and the latter is optional. It does this without any need of modifying templates or setting up hidden feeds etc. It just turns all the existing feeds into Feedburner feeds.

Feed Key: This plugin helps in keeping your feeds private and more personal by adding a 32bit (or 40bit) key for each of your users, creating a unique feed url for every registered on user the site. This plugin makes sure that only your registered users get to see the feed.

RSSless: RSSless is a WordPress plugin which allows you to hide specific post content from RSS readers using short codes. It could be useful for bloggers who embed videos, images, or other content which doesn’t display or embed correctly in RSS readers. It basically replaces the hidden content with alternate text.

JyotiThe Top 10 WordPress RSS Plugins

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  1. Kortek

    I’m just beginning on WordPress and will be starting with version 2.7. I wonder if there’s a plugin out there for WP that will allow me to moderate the feeds before they get published? If none, what do you think is an alternative way of doing this?

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