5 Twitter Services to Bypass 140 Character Limit

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twitter-140-character-limit A lot of people I know are twitterholics and I believe the way things are going I might also become one of them. Some of the people have also started to use it as one medium where they can discuss or have a communication around social media because it’s usually the social media guys who you’d see making most noise on Twitter or for that matter friendfeed. In these situations one often feels the need of 140 character limit annoying. I dugg for some twitter based application and services which can bypass the 140 character limit or shorten your messages on twitter.

TinyPaste is TinyURL for text. It allows you to write as much as you can and when you are done, it gives you a tinypaste URL which you can tweet. Your twitter followers can access your message on the tinypaste URL you tweet. If you like this one then you might like to check out its Firefox extension as well.

Twitzer is a Firefox extension which shortens your long twitter messages. After installing this Firefox extension, you can write post or whatever you want to rant on Twitter and if you have crossed the character limit then all the additional text will be replaced with a shorttext link which on clicking will show the full message to the readers inside the browser.

140it is another similar web service where you can shrink your tweets but it uses less effective approach by removing the extra spaces and turning well-embodied words into sound-similar but grammatically absurd clones. The sms loving folks who have made a big dent in the queen’s lingo (oops) would love it.

Tweetshrink is another twitter app which shrinks your twitter messages in SMS way but giving it a try you’d know that it is better at handling text than 140it while I am impressed with its website. Tweetdeck users would be interested to know that that Tweetshrink is integrated with Tweetdeck for some time now.

Twitlonger is just another way to let you post to Twitter when you need more than 140 characters to express yourself. You can write what you need and a link to what you said will automatically be posted to Twitter when you are sending messages with Twitlonger.

Matt5 Twitter Services to Bypass 140 Character Limit

4 Comments on “5 Twitter Services to Bypass 140 Character Limit”

  1. ellies58 (Eleanor Jodway)

    How about just keep typing til you reach 140 characters…..hit reply….type another 140…..and on and on til you finish what you have to say! That’s what I do and I have a running joke with tech savvy @BretMcCormick about it! And…it’s tres fun too! Hahahaha Recommended for fun and tech-retarded peeps like myself! LOL ;)

    1. barb

      i like you reply the best! seems if you use a “link” people might not open it up and read it??! twitter should expand to atlest 200!! then i’m sure that wouldn’t be enough either! some think i’m being a real pain in the ass though by retweeting 4 times in a row?!!! lol replies welcomed!

  2. B.SkiLLs

    I think they need to make it 240 instead cause always cutting of at the exact limit of 140 to almost everything i have to say or try to say on there lol.. wth? 240 still isnt alot nor you would think they cant handle it.

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