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Add fun to your web blog, let your visitors interact more with you, know who are reading you and what their opinion is, believe me, each comment that you would get motivates you to continue useful blogging and it’s just great to have cool capabilities on your blog like Polls, user avatars and shout boxes. Try out following WordPress plugins and get popular!

Is an easy to deploy WordPress Plugin that lets you add an AJAX poll system to your WordPress blog where you can easily include a poll into your WordPress blog.

This WordPress Plug-in makes available a tag called gravatar that, if used inside the Comment Loop, displays the correct gravatar URL based on the commenters email address. ( this will also display their avatars)

AJAX Shoutbox
Get Real-time conversation with sound to alert of new messages on your blog, amazing plugin if you are blogging all day!

AditiWordPress User related Plug-ins

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