WordPress plugin for handling User Submitted Posts

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User Submitted Posts

User Submitted Posts plugin is a highly useful form, which can be embedded on the desired areas of your WordPress site using a shortcode.

User Submitted Posts plugin will allow you to customize the fields in the form like title, or tags. It provides you with useful tools to control uploads.

Why you need this?

A heavy traffic website that has huge number of submissions is a challenge to handle even if you have plenty of moderators, approving each single post can be a difficult task. The most striking & promising feature in this plugin is the auto-publish after a set number of approved past posts.

Keeping a team or resources just to moderate user submissions can be a quite an overhead. Another great feature of User Submitted Posts is that it allows the posting of multiple images along with text

User Submitted Posts is a customizable, and professional quality plugin that doesn’t need a WordPress account to use. The ease of use is further implemented in the posts tab, where user-submitted posts appear alongside those posted via the dashboard, and the plugin also includes a filter button, to easily see which posts have been user submitted.

RavishWordPress plugin for handling User Submitted Posts

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