10 Essential WordPress Plugins To Kickstart WP Blog

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The beauty on web lies in customization and developers know this pretty well. The immense customization options is perhaps one reason why it is so much loved.

Let’s take a look at some of the essential WordPress plugins you shouldn’t forget while setting up a WordPress blog.

WordPress Database Backup: As the name suggests, this plugin helps you to create backup of your WordPress blog and you may also configure the backup of tables you want to take. A backup is inevitable for any data, be it on your blog or your desktop.

Akismet: There are quite a few spam filters for WordPress but Akismet is by far the most used filter. It works relatively well to keep your blog away from spam messages. Akismet is based on the information from other Akismet users which might drop some legitimate comments or messages in the Akismet spam box.

You might also wanna use some other plugin called Match Comment Spam Protection Plugin which will ask simple maths problem from a reader at the time of commenting. This plugin further limits the spam attack on your blog.

Related Posts is a plugin that would significantly increase the average time spent on your blog per user. This plugin shows the links to the recommended posts in your blog which the reader might find interesting. This plugin provides your readers related articles to read and who knows he might subscribe to your blog if he likes it.

SEO Title Tag is a plugin you should use if you care about Seaarch Engine Optimization. This plugin lets you create a customized title tag for any post, static page, category page and literally any URL.

WP-Super Cache is a useful plugin as it helps in speeding up your WordPress blog significantly.

Ultimate Google Analytics adds Google Analytics JavaScript to each page on your weblog thus lets you track the number of visitors on your blog using your Google Analytics Account.

Author Image will put a smiling face of the author of the post. This plugin is not really necessary if it’s one man blog as you can create an “About Me” page for your self. But if you have more than one author onb your WordPress blog then you might consider using it.

Gravatar is not essential but readers love it and it also helps in encouraging interaction.

Admin Drop Down Menu will save you a lot of time by drastically reducing your clicks rate in the administration panel.

Matt10 Essential WordPress Plugins To Kickstart WP Blog

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