Curved WordPress Theme

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Curved WordPress Theme

Curved wordpress theme is designed by Aditi Tuteja from TextNData. This theme has a very unusual look and it is currently being used on our blog. It is named “Curved” because of the nice rounded corner search box in header. The theme supports widgets and have a nice striped header along with tabbed navigation.

AditiCurved WordPress Theme

33 Comments on “Curved WordPress Theme”

  1. Mandip Singh

    Really nice theme…
    I loved it… m already using it on my blog.
    Awesome work man..
    Keep it up..
    i would like to sponsor a theme by you.
    how could i do that?
    please update at the provided email address.


  2. Andy Gartner

    Hey, This is a cool wordpress theme, I am using this for my wordpress blog.

    Good Work JustSkins!

  3. AL

    I’m currently redesigning my blog based on this awesome theme with heavy SEO and usability enhancements.

    Any plans on upgrading this theme to be compatible with WordPress 2.3?

  4. Canadianpj

    I would love to use this theme as well but it causes some very strange issues on my website which is currently running 2.3.1

  5. Aris

    Is this theme compatible with wordpress 2.3.3? Please send me an email (you have it) and let me know as I would like to use this.

  6. pergam

    First of all thank you very much for making this theme open source. I am using it on my blog right now, and I’ve been making a few colour tweaks here and there.

  7. Jeremy

    I’m thinking about using this for a website, but it’s sort of a CMS thing with static pages being linked from the top navigation. But there’s already a built in “home”, so how might I go about creating a home page that will be used instead of the blog page, without having a duplicate “home” tab?


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  9. Zan

    Is this completely free to use and change? What is with the Buy Copyright Removal? What does that mean?

    Nice theme would love to tweek it a bit for my blog but not sure if I am allowed to

  10. sushaantu

    @Zan You can modify the theme and use it on your website as long as you keep the copyright & links intact. But, you may not re-distribute it. You are required to buy “Copyright Removal” if you intend to remove the credit note from the footer.

  11. Maksim

    I am russian. Sorry for my bad english.
    This is one of the best themes for WP, thanx you.
    I translated it into russian, you copyright and .DS_Store saved.
    I hope this is legitimate.

    You have to add in style.css “min-width: 1000px;” and hack for IE for body, otherwise the site falls.

  12. Peter

    Really want to use this template for my website. But how? tried opening the index file in dreamweaver and it says “not found”…

    Does it need to be converted or something..?

  13. AK

    The download doesn`t contain the same theme as pictured. Just wondering if it`s no longer available or a mix-up in the theme in the download link.

  14. EinbauStrahler

    Thank you for this super theme. I just started to make a blog and I’m using this theme. Thx

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