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  1. aditya

    Hi there, I think this is a great theme. I like it a lot that I had to put it on my site! :) One thing missing though: the author. I’ve to tweak the index.php and single.php so it shows the author name and its link.

  2. Ravish

    Eyoung’s Sleepy Blue theme is a complete rip of our Silicon theme. He is redistributing our theme without our permission. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  3. Canadianpj

    Is it possible to tweak your or have a blue version? If this is the legit site for it I would prefer to use this version but really want to use the blue version and not the current red one that is default here.

  4. mike

    Yes, I would be interested in a 3 column version of this also. Both columns on the right side, with an area above the two colums for some ads also.

  5. Haruno

    Hello, My name is Haruno. Note that I will be taking the theme Sleepy Blue, but it will be credited to this site (Just skins). I thought it would be better cause’ your site’s team was the one who made it but i prefer the blue one (LOL).
    If you want to contact me, please use the email i have entered in this post. thank you.

  6. ahmed fouad

    I want to congratulate you on these works. They are the finest hemes ever seen, and this encourages me to use them. :)

  7. bigboy

    This is interesting… who is copying who?

    Actually Eyoung’s template blog entry shows an earlier date than what’s shown on yours.

  8. Andy

    Hey, it drives me nuts! I’d like to “border:none;padding:0px” for wp-smiley – but I cant get this done in style.css!
    Any hint is welcome! thanks

  9. Chris

    I would love an additional sidebar on the right side for this theme! The theme itself is fantastic, but I could use a place for some extra widgets.

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