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  1. Humberto

    Hi, very nice Theme! I’m using it on my new blog, but i had a problem. When I click on a post, the white background disapears and some others weird stuff happens too. Anybody report this bug too?

  2. Viv Singh

    Humberto Says:
    June 17th, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    Hi, very nice Theme! I’m using it on my new blog, but i had a problem. When I click on a post, the white background disapears and some others weird stuff happens too. Anybody report this bug too?

    = Yes This is a bug

    Humberto Says:
    June 17th, 2007 at 7:09 pm

    Hello, I found the problem. It was a extra in the end of the comments.php file.

    Thats Correct again, but he forgot to mention, what is actually “extra”

    Here is the solution: Open comments.php
    Go to Line 109 ( may be different in your version, so just scroll to the bottom )

    Here you will find that Ravish has closed the DIV tag twice, Just delete the second one, and you are done.

    By the way, thanks Ravish for great theme structure, I am porting it to meet my choice.

  3. Eric Cho

    my right column is missing adsense and images for first post. Anyone experiencing this? All other pages have adsense and whatever Ive placed in the right column.

  4. Kandah

    That fix works until you have actual comments on the post, then the right sidebar lodges itself below the comment table. Strange.

  5. Eric

    Was going to use this theme on my own blog, however I’m having the same problems mentioned above..

    Shame, such a nice theme too.

  6. Alexander

    Switch these lines (line 22)
    ?php if ($comments) : ?
    div id=”commentblock”
    div id=”commentblock”
    ?php if ($comments) : ?
    This will fix the white bg bug when viewing a post with no comments

  7. Kandah

    was there changes in any other files than comments.php? I just downloaded the file and replaced the comments on my server. Now it works if there are comments but get’s the old transparent background with 0 comments. Weak!

  8. naturegirl

    I like this theme a lot, too! But does someone know how I can increase the font-size, since I’m having Chinese characters on my blog, and they would be more legible if they were bigger. I looked through the style.css file and tried out a lot, but I couldn’t figure it out. (But I don’t understand much about it neither).
    Thanks a lot!

  9. naturegirl

    I’m not sure if this is the bug you explained below: but while using it I also had problems that the right sidebar won’t be there when I had a comment to a post.
    It’s in comments.php: there was one instead of and a after that missing. It’s quite at the beginning of the file. Probably that’s why there was an additional at the end of the file.

  10. charles

    is it possible to add a top horizontal menu for pages and how would i add a banner to the top right of the header for ads?

  11. ali

    thanks for this theme
    i cant add my page navi code in the first page
    please say too me how can i add my code in the theme
    i add my code in de home.php but theme is damage

  12. Open English

    I really like this theme, it’s elegant, simple, and it draws the attention straight to the posts whithout excluding everything else.

  13. DevTopics

    I like this theme alot too. But the contents of the right sidebar are often pushed down below the post. Also, the text is a very small fixed size.

  14. DevTopics

    The problem is indeed in the comments.php file. I loaded it into a PHP editor that has collapsible sections, and it shows the div tags are not properly paired. I have fixed this problem on my site.

  15. Martin


    I love this theme, and I have downloaded the latest version but for some reason it breaks big time in firefox just as is without anything added to it, yet it doesn’t in the demo…but when I view it in firefox on my install ,the left sidebar is at the top in the middle of the page with the content underneath it, and then the right sidebar is next to that, But if I shrink all the text so its tiny it all fits….?. does anybody know what I need to tweak as Its an awesome theme!…thanks


  16. program indir

    Wow, it’s simple and clean, that made it looks so uniqe and fresh. Everytime I look at a theme, I say I’m going to use this one on this site. But this time, it’s really going to be my choose. I consider to buy copyright removal as well.

  17. Suzi

    I love this theme, I think it’s fantastic! Unfortunately it does have a few issues (they don’t stop me from using it but they are frustrating).

    A big problem I have is that I have made enough posts so there is more than one page, however there is no link to get there. Right now I can only go to previous posts by using the archives. Not sure if it’s a theme problem or something I’ve done wrong.

    A minor niggle I have can be viewed on the live demo. When clicking on a post with no comments on trackbacks, the headings on the right do not match those on the left.

    I’d love to have an update to the comments left here as this is truly the best wordpress theme I’ve ever seen!

  18. Saira


    I’m trying to create a wordpress page which will show all the links with link categories i.e. I’m trying to use wp_list_bookmarks(). However it just doesnt seem to be working when I put the following in the body of the page:

    What I’m figuring is it just doesnt run the php code and treats it as text. I tried creating a custom page with just calling the head and footer but then I get a “Page not found” error which doesnt make sense.

    Any advice?


  19. snowalker

    I’m experimenting two problems with Losemymind with sidebar 1.0 theme:
    1.date entry is wrong, appear 2007 instead 2008
    2.tags under the post are not displayed, there is only a gray bar without any tags…

    Can anyone help me?
    I don’t know php…
    Thanks, Vic

  20. Rama Zotti

    This is one Hell of theme , I Must say…..Looks cool and the Colours great……………and easy 2 modify……you can do lot with this theme…

    and also…..I find this theme is SEO friendly….dont ask How….But…test it here at http://www.rama.cc and its a Killer////

    Well done Guys….

    Soon I will upgrade and Purchase this theme…

    Rama Zotti

  21. Sharon

    Hi Deep. I made payment k?

    Thanks. It’s such an awesome template.

    BTW, those folks who are having problems with the right sidebar dropping low, here are your solutions:

    1. Just enter a comment on the post, it will fix itself up.
    2. Go to your comments.php. Somewhere there it’s missing a

  22. anonymous

    To those having trouble with the right sidebar on the homepage, I found the problem – it’s in home.php and ironically it’s a missing closing DIV tag before it calls the right sidebar.

    and as for the missing tags under the posts, even though it shows tag graphics, it’s coded to only show categories.

    it’s a nice theme for sure, but with these hair pulling bugs and additional work required to make it make sense, the author should be paying us each $30.

  23. Sam

    once payment is made for the copyright removal. Do you receive some inform on how to remove the copyright or do you just remove it yourself?


  24. Gutschein

    I like this theme alot too. But the contents of the right sidebar are often pushed down below the post. Also, the text is a very small fixed size.

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