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Webby Blue Theme

Download Webby Blue | Live Demo | Buy Copyright Removal: $30

Webby Blue WordPress Theme

Webby Blue is a 2-column Web2.0 style wordpress theme. The theme is widget ready and tested with WordPress 2.1.x & 2.2.x. There is also a green color variant of this theme and I am looking forward to release few more colors. Let me know what colors you would like to see in this theme.

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  1. Niel

    Let me know if you have any more colour options for this theme.. I would prefer to see them also. Thanks Niel

  2. looks good maybe i use on my blog thanks

  3. I have it running also, i customized it a little and must say it’s jussst great.

  4. I use this theme and I come here to thank you!
    this theme is very nice,I like it very much!
    thank you again!

  5. Stahn

    I’d love to see a very light green skin.

  6. Excellent theme, I use it also in my blog. I wish a wider version would be available. Or a fluid version even better, since I’d like to publish videos in 640×480.

    Thanks a lot.

  7. Leland

    I would love to see this in a burgundy color theme.

  8. Bueno, a mi me ha gustado el tema pero lo he dejado a 3 columnas. Echo de menos algún estilo para resaltar texto en el post pero está muy bien.


  9. Bibby

    Hi, these are all very nice. But the category and sub-categories are the same.
    in normal html code, and will indent several space. can you add this feature?

    I really like these themes.
    Thanks very much.

  10. Fredrik

    How do you fix so that the menu works in Explorer as well?
    It’s just fine in Firefox, but in IE only the left part of the menu images change when a:hover.

  11. Excellent. I have this template in place on my blog, replacing my earlier theme. The point was mader earlier – it would be good if it was slightly wider.

  12. Please help me! I have placed the calendar and the top commentators widgets on the sidebar but the titles of those two are not showing up. Can you please tell me what to do to fix this? Thank you!

  13. very nice, thats really nice and modern design!

  14. Just started using this for my webpage and it looks fantastic.

    It works great, thanks a lot.

  15. I have this template in place on my blog! Thank you for your nice Thems!

  16. I am using this theme and it’s great except for one glitch: the text of the tags stretch beyond the boundary box in the RH column once they reach a certain size. How can I fix this? You can see what I mean on my site. Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

  17. Just went to a blog that was using your theme,really I liked your theme and on the new Year’s day I would change my current theme to Webby Blue.

    Nice Work Ravish.

  18. thanks, nice theme.

  19. Beautiful theme, thanks! Works great on WP 2.5 too.

  20. nice theme dude…keep the gud work.. :)

  21. This theme does not W3C validate.
    I like the theme but we just cant use it when it isnt W3C compliant.
    I cant understand people who produce themes and doesnt validate it.

  22. Carlo

    Isnt W3c compliant
    Are you going to make it ?

  23. Thanks for this great theme I use ! ^^

  24. hell

    hmm, nice theme.

  25. Hey…

    I love what you did with the rss image on the top…nice twist

  26. dullo

    You asked what color to do next, I suggest, red/pink, then yellow and then try black.. thanks. awesome skin, keep doing such a great work.

  27. Hello…

    Thanks for clear coding. Theme looks perfect but i’ve edited a bit and translated Turkish. (for myself :P )

    I changed posts styles. Think about this for your new themes. (i think looks more good)

    Anyway, thanks a lot. Thats such a perfect work!

  28. nice theme,i download just now,thanks you

  29. Alvaro_SG

    It’s compatible with WordPress 2.7?

  30. NoName

    Demo’s are not working :(

  31. Cool theme, I will try it on my personal blog. Great work, Thanks, Keep it up.

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