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Webby Green WordPress Theme

Webby Green is a color variant for our popular Web2.0 style wordpress theme – Webby Blue. This theme is also widget ready and tested with WordPress 2.1.x & 2.2.x. As mentioned earlier, I am looking forward to release few more colors. Let me know what colors you would like to see in this theme.

DeepWebby Green Theme

15 Comments on “Webby Green Theme”

  1. Diego

    i want try this theme in a wordpress blog but when i try to use the color still blue.

    Please if you can answer :)


    (sorry my bad english)

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  3. vinesh

    something in the darker colours would be cool.

    say dark brown, black, dark purple.

    BTW, if possible try to include the option to insert one’s own logo (or banner) at the top.

  4. paul

    love this theme, only issue is with sub-categories- any possibility of an update to make the folder icons display properly . more neatly or a different icon for sub category folders?


  5. nick

    hey, love the blog – i will try and keep up with it!! please keep more coming :)I wish I could start a blog but I don’t have much time :(Thanks, nick

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