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WordPress is one of the most loved Content Management System (CMS) while there are many who would swear by Firefox web browser. It would be interesting to see if we mix both of them to see what we get. Thanks to some of the Firefox extensions of WordPress we can actually do that and the result of it yields quite a few tricks to save ourselves soe time.

WordPress Sidebar is a very simple Firefox extension which provides easy and quick access to the WordPress blogs of its users.

One-Click Installer for WordPress is a plugin pised to grow in coming time. It is an experimental Firefox extension which lets you to install the WordPress plugins, themes etc. in one click. You’d also need a counterpart WordPress plugin called One Click Plugin Updater in order to use it.

WordPress Helper is another nascent Firefox extension which brings certain useful WordPress information with a rick click of mouse. Its icon will glow up whenever you visit a WordPress blog and it provides access to various useful to the pages of the WordPress Codex.

ScreenGrab to WordPress shouldn’t surprise the users who are already using ScreenGrab. This extension takes the screenshots of a webpage and lets you to upload it to your WordPress blog. It supports WordPress 2.5 or newer versions. It is also an experimental add-on which requires you to log into the Mozilla Add-ons site.

Dashblog claims to claims collect media or text from any web page and publish it to your WordPress blog. The extension cam also be used for drawing, screen capture, resizing and cropping images.

WordPress Firefox extension is an extension to quickly access the number of hits you have received on your WordPress.com blog. It should be noted that this extension is not made for WordPress.org blogs.

zWordPress helps you blog faster by providing you the functionality of custom shortcuts to access various areas of your WordPress blog. It is also an experimental add-on.

WordPress Post is another Firefox extension which lets you post the selcted text in your browser to your WordPress blog. This would be ideal when you want to mention a quote in your post.

easyComment-a-Blog is a dream come true for active commentators as it helps them in filling the comment forms. This would really suit you if you not very fond of retyping the same text again and again like naame, email and website etc. while posting the comments. Another experimental add-on.

Matt9 Firefox Extensions For WordPress

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  1. Mike MacDonagh

    Hi, I’m the author of the MMD WordPress FireFox Extension for stats… just a note to say that your link to the WFE and the MMDWFE are exactly the same thing: one’s just a page on my blog and the other’s the official page on the firefox website :)

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