5 Free WordPress Themes For That Mac Style

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In the tradition of JustSkins to showcase the best themes of WordPress to our users we are now presenting you certain WordPress themes (or templates, some people still call that) which are great to use on your technology blog. We tried to focus on the themes which are ideal for anyone who seeks a WordPress blog with a little whiff of Mac itouch.


iTheme was designed for the Mac lovers by NDesign Studio. The theme has fully customizable widget and the readers on the iTheme can rearrange the sidebar by drag & drop or you can collapse the box to hide it.

Leopard Mac WordPress Theme

Leoprad WordPress Mac Theme is a free, three column theme which has been tested upto version 2.5 of WordPress. Its unlikely though that it will cause major problem on the recent versions of WordPress.


Tigerpress is two-column WordPress theme inspired by the interface of Apple’s Tiger Mac OS X.



i3Theme is said to be the most downloaded Mac style WordPress theme. It is an upgraded version of iTheme and it has 3 column layout.


Leopress WordPress theme

Leopress is a theme for WordPress based on the interface of Apple’s operating system Mac OS X Leopard.

The above mentioned theme are nice to use if you have a technology blog or you basically want to talk about Apple and its products. Other than that there is a cool WordPress plugin as well which changes the WordPress admin section into Leopard style. The plugin is called Leoprad Admin and below is the screenshot of the same.

Leopard Admin

Matt5 Free WordPress Themes For That Mac Style

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