WordCamp India Ends On a High Note

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JustSkins has always been our initiative to wear the love we have for WordPress on our sleeves. JustSkins is everything that we love about WordPress and the fact that some of the free WordPress themes that we created are still popular bear testimony. It was a indeed a great news when we heard that first ever WordCamp India is going to be held in Noida which is another satellite town of New Delhi just like Gurgaon where we are based. The WordCamp India was held on February 21 & 22 and it is now over leaving us some good memories of Matt Mullenweg and Om Malik who have always been our mentors in our initiative.

WordCamp India Matt Om

It was the first ever major event on WordPress in India and the presence of Om Malik and Matt Mullenweg was some affirmation that it would be great. WordCamp India was held in Adobe office in Noida which also happens to be the most colorful building in Noida.

We reached at the WordCamp just about the time when Om Malik was delivering the keynote address. Om was nostalgic for India is the place where he grew up and he was generous enough to share with us some details of his youth days. He also shared his experience working in both the print media and the transition towards social media in 2001 when he started blogging. Every word of Om was inspiration for young bloggers like me.

The folks who attended the event were twitter savvy enough and almost every sentence said by the speakers was being tweeted which apparently also made #wci for WordCamp India the hottest trend of the day. I was amazed to see people tweeting every thing and the best part was the live criticism that people were giving on twitter. I had some questions about the event and I received answers in no time on twitter.

Matt Mullenweg Taj Mahal

There were some presentations on installing WordPress and the various utilities of WordPress using it as a web portal and not just a a blogging platform. The spark of the event was however the “State of the word” by Matt Mullenweg which was held just before the lunch. This is a point to ponder upon that the frequency of tweets almost freezed during the Matt’s adress. Matt looked pretty content and his three and half inch wide smile made some of the girls in the house go mad. His presentation was about the evolution of WordPress from a blogging platform to a full fledged CMS. He mentioned how things shaped up in the recent WordPress Update in which plugins can be installed with just one click. He also gave us some sense of the developments taking place in the BuddyPress and the bbPress.

Matt was also kind enough to share with us his latest blog design for Ma.tt which will go live in the coming weeks. Matt has an amazing sense of humor which, we can now after the first hand experience can have an idea why he’s so famous and is often called the most eligible bachelor of Silicon Valley. His presentation was dotted with some local flavor where he mentioned how people have created WordPress blogs in Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu and Marathi etc. He was good with numbers and it was evident that he had done his home work pretty well.


The presentation of Matt was indeed the best thing of the first day followed by next best thing which was the open house discussion with Matt and Om. It started with casual interaction between the two where Om asked Matt about his first impression of India. He’s a keen observer and told us stuff that most overlook because of its futility like the strange messages written on the backside of trucks in India. Just to give some sense to our foreign readers, the messages on the back of trucks in India are like, “USE DIPPER AT NIGHT.” Later, both Matt and Om discussed about their trip to Taj Mahal in Agra. This led way to some questions from the audience.

The WordCamp was indeed well organized all in all and we would like to congratulate Mayank Gupta of Blog Design Studio for organizing such a wonderful event.

MattWordCamp India Ends On a High Note

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